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Phonics-Based Reading Classes for Kids
Aged 4-6

See your child read independently

Demo classes are 1 to 1 only

Phonics-Based Reading Classes

Hear it from the Trainer Herself

Reverse Your Roles

Let your child read out stories to you.
And watch them go beyond stories too.





Enrol your child in our phonics classes and watch them blossom into confident readers and skilled communicators. Our expert instructors employ interactive and enjoyable teaching methods to ensure an engaging learning experience.

Our live phonics classes cover crucial aspects such as letter sounds, word families, and phonemic awareness, laying a strong foundation for reading and writing success.

Using games, songs, and real-world examples, our instructors make phonics concepts easy to grasp and apply. Your child will have the chance to ask questions and receive feedback after each class, with regular progress reports provided to track their advancement.

Passionate about teaching, our experienced instructors have a proven track record of helping children become confident readers. By joining our live phonics classes, you empower your child with the tools they need for academic achievement and lifelong learning success.


Every class is a fun-filled experience with

Stories and


Sounds through actions

Games and

Phonics-Based Reading Classes

Ever wondered why the phonics way is better?

  • Phonics focuses on letter sounds not just letter names.
  • With 42 sounds, children get the tools to read almost any word.
  • There is no longer a need to memorize words or spellings.
Fox Brain

Begin an amazing journey for your child

Phonics-Based Reading Classes

Read independently, but don’t stop there

    • Gain confidence
    • Improve vocabulary
    • Ace spellings
    • Speak effectively
    Phonics-Based Reading Classes

    Introduce your child to the magical world of stories