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Every child is unique and special. It is up to the parents to provide a platform for their children to develop their strengths and skill-sets, pursue what they enjoy most, and work passionately toward success. We help you to discover a hidden talent of your child & thereby aiming to provide the best suitable resource according to the result.

Foxbrain Super Kids

Personalized learning courses for your kids

Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test

Discover your interest potential & shine
IQ Test for Children
95% of parents make sure that their efforts are not shot in the dark.

English Reading for grade LKG-1

See your child reading independently
96% of parent noticed better communication skill logical thinking in their kids.

Spoken English for grades 2-10

See your child speak like a star
More than 16000 kids registered with us 420k+ hours of training.

Personality development for grade LKG-10

Enhancing leadership skills in kids
95% of parents noticed confidence & overcoming stage of fear.

Coding classes for grade

Introduce your child to the world of coding
8500+ app & games created by kids registered with FoxBrain.

Brain Gym for grade

See your child more focused
98% of parents noticed better concentrational recalling memory.
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Our Teachers A Class Apart

Your kid will learn from top engineers and educators from across the globe.

Better Conceptual

Focus & Engagement

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IQ Test for Child
I Hear and I Forget,
I See and I Remember,
I Do and I Understand.
Project-based learning is a proven method to deliver better learning outcomes.

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Personalized learning courses for your kids


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