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Courses at Fox Brain

Our courses are designed for every age group to encourage their curiosity, improve concentration, and enhance creativity and problem-solving skills.
Sensor Technology
Coding Loop
Fundamentals of Electricity & Electronics
Circuit Design and Simulation
Sensor Technology
Sensor & MicroController
Coding ++
Digital Logic
Algorithm Design
Key Concepts: Data Structures, Strings, Functions, 2D Objects, Security and App Creation
Digital Creations: 15 Games, 13 Animations,
LEGO Robotics Course

How Learning to Code can be a great asset for kids


Coding encourages children to think creatively to find the right solutions.


Building programs and robots encourages curiosity and problem-solving.


Coding puts your child ahead on the professional learning curve.


Working in a team and heading solo projects teaches your child essential soft skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the right age to start learning coding?

Starting coding classes as early as 5 or 6 or older at 14  is appropriate for them. The key lies in providing a supportive and nurturing environment, where kids can explore their curiosity and creativity while building essential computational thinking skills.

What is visual coding? How is it different from syntax-based coding?

Visual coding, also known as visual programming or block-based coding, is a programming paradigm that allows users to create code by arranging blocks or graphical elements instead of writing traditional lines of code using a programming language’s syntax.
On the other hand, visual coding simplifies the process by abstracting the code into visual blocks, making it more accessible and user-friendly, especially for beginners and young learners.

Why should my child learn A.I.?

Learning AI can be highly beneficial for kids, especially when combined with coding skills. Introducing your child to AI at an early age through coding for kids’ programs can have several advantages. AI and coding also promote creativity and innovation, encouraging children to develop unique solutions. AI is a rapidly growing field, and providing kids with AI education equips them with valuable skills for future career opportunities. Understanding AI can also enhance their digital literacy and enable them to be responsible consumers and creators of technology.

What is the future of A.I.?

AI continues to evolve, coding skills will become even more critical for the next generation. Children who learn coding at an early age will be better prepared to embrace and shape the future of AI technology.

How the Coding For Kids at Fox Brain different from others?

Curriculum: Foxbrain offers Best Coding For Kids comprehensive and age-appropriate curriculum that covers various coding concepts and languages suitable for kids.

Teaching Methods: We use engaging and interactive teaching Coding for kids to make learning coding enjoyable and accessible for young learners.

Personalized Learning: At Our Coding for Kids program they offer personalized learning experiences to cater to each child’s skill level and learning pace.

Experienced Instructors: We have qualified instructors who have experience in teaching coding to kids and can effectively communicate complex concepts in a simple manner.