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DMIT Test for Kids

DMIT Test for children is an extremely popular choice. Childhood- which is basically the age of 6 years to 12 years is a crucial age for any individual. Considering that almost 90% of brain development has been achieved before as one reaches this phase, this becomes a crucial period for the student, parents, and teachers to definitively regulate a child’s development during this time.

As school education booms to become a very competitive industry- it is only getting tougher for students to happily select the right board like CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, or State Board (SSC) and succeed through the primary and secondary school years. Needless to say, there is a lot of trusts that parent places in the school system to take care of their children.

Hence, DMIT Test utilizes biometric analysis to map the complete inborn profile of a child to find the right nurturance that will help the child to bloom.

Simplifying Parenting

As a parent, there are several investments- emotional, physical, and financial commitments one puts towards bringing up a happy and successful child. Thus, here are some aspects we cater to make sure that your efforts are not a shot in the dark:

This would help any child to forge trustworthy and supportive relationships with their parents, peers, and teachers.

The left (analytical) and the right (creative) brain analysis contributes to knowing and effectively using the prefered approach to the life.

Customizing the learning program for your child. Remember that every child is unique; so, the one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

Identifying the student’s best qualities using their SWOT profile will foster multidimensional growth.

Knowing the right learning style will also help in setting up the right teaching environment up the classroom learning.

The inborn personality traits ansd characteristics shaape any child’s relationships- Weather it is with the friends ot teachers.

DMIT for Kids

How To Use The Results Of DMIT Test

Career is the part for which one has prepared so far. Thus, there is a lot of focus for one to come out with flying colors in this aspect of life- and this is where DMIT Test helps.

Personality Characteristics

Whether the child is having trouble making friends or is being a little rebellious, we have got you covered with our analysis of how does the child comprehend and reacts with their surroundings- and thinks and behaves accordingly. This will actually be useful to help a school teacher, a coach or any other mentor supervise the student’s behavioral traits.

Board Selection

SSC/ ICSE/ CBSE/ IB/ IGCSE or other; which board brings out the best in your child? There are several curriculums to opt from, but only one of them will be the best fit for any student. Choosing a board that contributes to grooming a child to the best of their abilities and inspiring a student to identify and achieve their short-term and long-term goals has a significant impact.

Learning Profile

Often we would teach a student the way we learn. However, if some students learn better pictures- forcing them to write down repeatedly would be counterproductive and would actually irritate a child’s learning process. It is unfair to make child labor through academics pointlessly. Using the right learning style will ensure that the process of gaining knowledge is enjoyable.

Subject selection & management

From the 6th standard itself, a school starts providing options to learn subjects like additional languages and computers. Thus, the child needs to start streamlining their options to align with their future vision. Knowing that it is difficult to have that foresight at such an early age, a detailed DMIT Test analysis helps in understanding the challenges and strengths.

Multidimensional Profile

As the world gets more and more competitive, a report card by itself falls short of making the student shine. Imagine if the student has a vast potential to perform theatrical acts, but she/he is never on stage- the student will lead an unsatisfied and unfulfilled life. However, we cannot pressurise the child and force them to attend each and every activity class- this would stress them out. Thus, knowing their strengths and assets would help in focussing the time and energy to make that talent shine. It would also help in strategically motivating the child to explore certain skills they are not comfortable with.


Dermatoglyphics is generated in the human fingers, palms, toes, and feet rose on the lines. Born in finger dermatoglyphics, called “fingerprint”, and born in striae on the palm of your hand is called “palm.” In the genetic counseling related to science Jieyou Description: The person’s skin texture in the 13th week of embryonic development to 19 weeks of the formation of the brain are synchronous growth lines and striae. After the formation of striae, life is unchanged.

No, the striae test is based on the most advanced scientific and medical research as a root. Besides that, Dermatoglyphics testing refers to the growth in human hands, protruding ridges on the soles of the feet, which is a lifetime constant; and palm readers are targeted at handheld staff recessed lines which keep changing over a period of time.

Dermatoglyphics test is not an IQ test, where DMIT is an intelligent narrowing definition of striae test of multiple intelligences include linguistic intelligence, logical and mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, body – kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, introspective intelligence, and last but not least naturalist intelligence which is included in the eight intelligence, where “IQ” can be simply summarized as a simple test which takes into consideration only logical and mathematical intelligence test.

Dermatoglyphics is a professional industry that combines neurobiology, genetics, and embryology. Fingerprint patterns are not random. They are arranged according to individual genetic makeup.
Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligences tests are scientifically proven. Besides, the data acquisition process is computerized. Therefore, we can achieve an accuracy of more than 90%.striae formation and the formation of the brain are synchronized, all fetus in the mother’s body in the first 13 weeks ~ the first 19 weeks. Medically clinically proven, striae, and the existence of multiple intelligences are necessarily completely linked. The proponent of the multiple intelligences theory of Howard Gardner, Professor found that Multiple Intelligences exist in the brain system, and further identify the brain structures that are in charge of the intelligence area. Therefore, the sooner the child understands the situation of dermatoglyphics, we can inspire and help the child’s multiple intelligence development as soon as possible.

Both. Dermatoglyphics is based on many scientists; medical scientists of “genetics”, “Embryology”, “Dermatoglyphics” “brain science” and other science-based, and the use of observation, recording, contrast, inductive learning methods, and then coupled with clinical experience, and finally concluded that: From the striae, we can accurately analyze the child’s multiple intelligences and potential personality.

Dermatoglyphics tests can help us understand people that are being tested the following five items: first, the structure of the superior order of brain function; second, learning how to operate a keen ability; third, visual, auditory, somatosensory learning the proper channels; Fourth, learning and education, communication patterns; fifth, eight multi-intelligence potential. In fact, every child has unique qualifications and potential, but often parents do not understand the child’s abilities. Dermatoglyphics tests can help parents understand their children’s clear mind and brain cells, the distribution function of strength, grasp the child’s unique qualities and potential, and develop as soon as possible. Besides that, learns how children should be given the proper learning environment so that we can follow according to the child’s personality characteristics and the mode of communication for him/her to achieve the function of raising a child’s mind to enhance the learning outcomes.

Through Dermatoglyphics, we can find out:

  • Why are the children not interested in their learning?
  • The learning barrier is because of the inappropriate stimulation and teaching?
  • Why are the children always opposing you?
  • Why are the children so active, so stubborn, or why can they concentrate or sit still?
  • Find out the most appropriate way of teaching and communication?

Every child possesses unique qualities and potential. If through scientific methods, we can understand a child’s innate characteristics and aptitude, we can better teach them. If one is naturally already strong, with more clarity, the strong get stronger. However, if one is naturally already weak and then is not developed in later life/stages, one may lose that ability. As such, it is vital to give accurate and right stimulation as soon as possible to avoid the deterioration of precious ability.